Onshore Conventional E&P Project, Houston, TX

SKH invites Investors to take part in exceptional onshore conventional oil exploration & production project, ROI 20:1 on moneys invested.Contact us for more information @ http://www.tfg-group.co.uk/contact/

Portfolio of prospects is in most respects company’s lifetime of work. Each prospect was generated  in an area where Company had either worked for years or put a multi-year effort into exploring with significant geophysical investment

This is a  finest portfolio of large reserve modest risk onshore conventional oil and gas prospects located on the Gulf Coast, which is believed the most profitable investment in the energy sector.

All of the prospects are in proven petroleum systems with geophysical signatures similar or identical to major oil and gas fields on trend. These prospects benefit from the low cost of vertical drilling and simple completions, all located within the onshore infrastructure of the Gulf Coast.

Contact us for more information: info@tfg-group.co.uk; Tel: +44 (0) 207 164 6247

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