Sibur estimated the investment in the Amur gas-chemical complex at $ 7-8 billion

Preliminary assessment of the Sibur petrochemical company for investments in the Amursky gas chemical complex.

RIA Novosti was informed at the Eastern Economic Forum by the director of Sibur, Mikhail Karisalov.

He noted that the decision on the implementation of the project in Sibur can be taken in 2019, the launch of the MCC is scheduled for 2024. Now Sibur is in talks with the Chinese company Sinopec about the possibility of creating a joint venture at the Amur MCC.

In late May, Sibur and Gazprom at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum signed an agreement to supply ethane to the Amur MCC. Annually the complex will receive 2 million tons of raw materials, deliveries are calculated for 20 years. The preliminary contract of delivery was signed by the parties in February at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The main supplier of raw materials for the MCC is the Amur Gas Processing Plant, which will be commissioned by 2021, by the time the gas supplies began via the “Siberia Power” pipeline.


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