TACCR welcomes Castletown Capital, a new esteemed member, with extensive expertise in the Irish Property Market

Having an extensive knowledge of the Irish property market, with particular expertise in the residential sector, Castletown Capital operates

on a strong pipeline of off-market property deals in Ireland, with the addition of value through planning or zoning. The company works with its global funding partners to secure significant returns from managed investments The aim of the company is to provide tailored assistance to institutional funds and professional investors, by acting as a conduit with the development opportunities that exist in the market.

There are 2 main components to the business:

Acquisition of off-market properties, and disposal of same with the addition of value through planning or zoning.

Working with development partners to complete residential development .

Companies CEO, Ronan Mallon, holds an honours degree in Surveying (1999) from Trinity College and a diploma in Property Economics (1998) from Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Irish Engineers Institute. Ronan specialises in the analytical and quantitative assessment of development opportunities in the Irish real estate market. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services and construction industries, working with leading banks such as A.I.B and Rabobank, while also being involved in the commercial management of some of the largest construction schemes in Ireland such as Wyeth Medica and Dundrum Town Centre. Most recently, he has held the position of Director of Investment for a private equity fund focused on the provision of finance to property developers and investors. The fund invested over €200 million in residential and mixed-use schemes in the greater Dublin area, generating an average annual return in excess of 15% on funds invested.

You can contact us by email or telephone if you would like to establish a connection with Mr. Mallon

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