Russian “Titan” and Japanese “Sojitz” Corporation to jointly build an organic synthesis enterprise

The site will be located at the base of “Omsk rubber factory”.

The site will be located at the base of Omsk rubber factory. The company will focus on the production of exported goods that can significantly increase the regional gross product. Reference: JSC “GC” Titan “is a Russian corporation engaged in the production and marketing of synthetic rubber, latexes, MTBE, as well as developments in the field of biotechnology. The Group includes PJSC” Omsk Rubber “, LLC” Titan-Agro “, LLC” INVESTHIMPROM “, LLC Novocherkassk Lubricant Plant, LLC Titan-Inter-Trade, LLC Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer and other enterprises.   Sojitz Corporation is one of Japan’s leading trading corporations. The main areas of activity of the company are automotive, energy, mining, chemical industry, agriculture, food production, forestry, industrial parks, import and export of goods.

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