Gazprom Neft PJSC will fulfill modernization commitments despite falling oil prices

Alexander Dyukov: Gazprom Neft is confident in its investment program for 2020

Moscow. Gazprom Neft is confident in the implementation of its investment program in 2020, most of its projects are resistant to low oil prices. This was stated by the head of the company Alexander Dyukov. “If we talk about this price, $ 35 per barrel, then Gazprom Neft, in the past, and several years ago, has been making calculations for the stability of our production program and business plans, including our investment program, at low prices. stress scenarios. For us, $ 35 is just a stress scenario. And the decisions that we made on the production plan, on the business plan, and on the investment program – most of our projects are resistant to such low prices, ” he sad.

Dyukov added that some additional calculations would be needed to clarify the company’s ability to finance the investment program this year. “But at the moment it seems, and moreover, I’m sure that we will be able to fulfill the investment program that we planned for this year. And, accordingly, fulfill the production plan,” he stressed. Moreover, the head of the company said that the stress scenario of the company will be revised, reports Prime. “If we talk about our plans for this year and next year, they will need to be clarified. Of course, we will revise our stressful scenario, and the $ 35 scenario will become our base scenario. Accordingly, a new stressful scenario will appear, ” he said,Александр-Дюков-Газпром-нефть-уверена-в-своей-инвестпрограмме-на-2020-год/?fbclid=IwAR1AnLATzZM_2fYcO8dkddQfUsitwlQZYDP_QP1CNiyhGwXwmeTyYVzTrio

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