Investment plans of Russian oil Refineries

Investment plans of Russian oil Refineries
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Year: 2018
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1.Investment Plans of Russian Oil Refineries

–       Strategic plans for development of oil refining industry by Federal districts

–       Plans of Vertically Integrated Oil Companies (VIOC) in growth and modernization of capacities in

sphere of oil refining.

–       Other projects for Constructions of Oil Refineries

–       General Characteristics of Engineering Services in Oil Refining in Russia

2.Suppliers of Engineering Services in oil Refining in Russia

–       Qualitative characteristics of suppliers of Engineering Services.

–       Contact and Background Information.

–       Financial Indicators

–       Pricing (Attachment 1)

3.  Challenges and Difficulties

4.  Complex of Services Provided

5.   Technology, stages and features the work of engineering companies

6.   Tenders

7.    Conclusions.

8.   Recommendations

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