The Trans-Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (TACCR) has established a Property Development & Investment  Committee (PD&I). The Property Development &Investment Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing TACCR activities involving property development and investment, and will work to develop programs promoting property development and Investment projects in United Kingdom, Ireland and United States as a hub for national and international Investors. It will also develop commercialization, and financing programs for property developers. The PD&I Committee works closely with the Executive Director of TACCR and the Board of Directors.


The PD&I Committee has ambitious goals to promote UK, Ireland and U.S. as a property investment opportunity for national and international investors.   The main goals of the Committee are:

  • To place our clients, members and investment teams right at the heart of the process.
  • To create new investment opportunities through our diverse and extensive network of property developers, property finance partners, Investors.
  • Drive innovation in property investment
  • Promote the Investment opportunities in the UK, Ireland and U.S. to national and international Investors and help to identify the best financing model
  • Organize an annual conference regarding property investment opportunity to national and international investors
  • Organize annual networking reception


The objective of the Committee is:

  • To promote and develop new and innovative Investment opportunities in the UK, Ireland and  U.S. through immersing national and international investors into an immense business potential leading to commercialization and economic growth.


Current members of TACCR may join the PD&I Committee.

Castle Town Capital, Conor Lenihan,

Regency Project Management, Roman Mikhaylenko

Stadden Forbes, Ben Nightingale