Incorporation and Business services Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg offers an ideal environment for foreign investors by enabling them to develop in the best possible way their economic activities and their investments: favourable legal and fiscal framework, European capital, multicultural society, financial centre, banking secrecy.
  • After having previously formed close economic ties, first with Belgium alone, then with Belgium and the Netherlands in the Benelux framework which is still today a model laboratory for integrated cooperation between sovereign countries, the Grand Duchy became a founder member of the European Community. Luxembourg City is one of the EU’s capitals, hosting among others the European Parliament, the Secretariat of the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Auditors as well as the European Investment Bank.
  •  A favourable tax legislation but also non-bureaucratic administrative procedures and social stability attract many foreign companies to set up their head office or establish subsidiaries in Luxembourg.

Featured services and solutions include :

  • Incorporation and administration of companies in Luxembourg
  • Taking over the administration of companies already existing
  • Balance sheets and accounting
  • Tax declarations
  • Banking relations

Residence permit as a self -employed entrepreneur in Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg provides residency permits for a self-employed individuals,  after registration of a business in Luxembourg and licensing (if nature of the business is a subject to specific regulations).
  • The procedure to obtain a residency permit as a self -employed entrepreneur can be viewed here
  • With many years experience of being present in Luxembourg, and assisting many of our clients in incorporating companies and obtaining residency permits, TACCR is your reliable partner from guiding you step-by-step to implementation and the result.

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