Residence permit application

Self-employed third-country nationals must submit an application for a residence permit for third-country nationals to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs within 3 months of entry into Luxembourg.

The following documents must be sent together with the residence permit application:

  • a certified copy of the pages with content of their valid passport;
  • a copy of the temporary authorisation to stay;
  • a copy of the declaration of arrival established by the communal authority;
  • proof of payment of a fee of EUR 80 to the account IBAN account LU46 1111 2582 2814 0000 (BIC: CCPLLULL; beneficiary: ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, Direction de l’immigration; Communication: titre de séjour dans le chef de ‘insert your name here’).

When the application is approved, the applicant will receive a letter inviting him to come in person with his/her valid passport and said letter to the Immigration Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs during opening hours. The applicant will have his photograph and fingerprints taken, which will be incorporated into the residence permit. Applicants may also bring a recent photograph compliant with OACI/ICAO standards (‘biometric passport standards’).

A few days after the biometric data have been collected, the applicant may pick up the residence permit in person at the Immigration Directorate. The exact date will be communicated to the applicant at the time the biometric data are being collected.

The residence permit takes the form of a chip card containing the biometric data. It includes the work permit for the self-employed activity in question (provided the holder has the required business permit to carry out the activity).

The residence permit includes information about its holder (surname, first name, nationality, date and place of birth), as well as specific information about the residence permit (permit category, date of beginning and end of validity of the permit).

Certain residence permit categories include additional information in the field “observation”.