TACCR Oil & Gas Forum Report

We are proud to report the successful result of TACCR’s Inaugural Russia Oil and Gas Forum, which took place on 28 February, 2020. as well as about the next steps of cooperation with producers of required technologies.

– The main goal of our Energy Forum was achieved. The key segments of Western technologies of the highest applicability in Russia were unlocked. The most important people in oil & gas business and industry were with us, sharing this key information.

– According to the Participants Forum contributed to the expansion of application areas of the presented technologies and equipment both in the field of oil and gas production and oil and gas refining, as well as in the design of facilities for the construction of oil and gas fields and hydrocarbon processing plants

– The participants obtained first hand information about Energy Strategy for the period until 2035 ”- as a long-term guideline for the development of the fuel and energy complex in the field of exploration, production and oil and gas processing. A set of key measures in the segments of Russian oil and gas production and oil refining, including the development of oil and gas fields in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and oil fields with hard-to-recover reserves, the completion of a modernization program for oil refineries, which envisages the commissioning of more than 50 (secondary) oil refining units, increasing the depth of oil refining and achieving refinery technological level, was reviewed,

– Understanding of required technological level as well as  policy review of Improving operational efficiency and economically viable level of profitability for refineries, through automation and the use of modern digital technologies as well as increased energy efficiency was achieved.

– Participants heard about the necessity of the application of technologies for the deep processing of “heavy” oil, stimulating an increase in the number of processes for the deep processing of oil residues at domestic refineries.In this segment, there are prospects for Western manufacturers of technologies that are not subject to import substitution.

– The prospect of using the technology of Modular Mini refineries of the company MEC – M77, presented by Director Matteo Badalocchi, has been outlined as well as the next steps for the exchange of information to determine the potential for cooperation.

– Steps have been identified for further study of Virtual Reality technology and building modeling during the construction and reconstruction of refineries for the potential application of this tenology in Russia, presented by the B1P Group, Director Matteo Proya

– An Investment Project for the Papa New Guinea Oil and Gas Field Presented by Petro Energy, Director Shirshah Sodigi

– Vladimir Charaev, Head of International Projects, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of city Tolyatti. gave great and informative presentation about promising areas and projects located in the city of Togliatti.

– The outlook for the delegation from London and Europe to Russia to the International Exhibition “NEFTEGAZ-2020” in Russia was

– The prospect of holding a conference on oil exploration and production in London took place.

If you would like to thank all our participants and supporters of our conference, supporters. Please get in touch with us for any enquiries and cooperation.