• World’s Largest Market: The US has a
    GDP of $18 trillion, and is home to over
    325 million people.
  • Nexus of Innovation: The United States
    is a recognised leader in research and
  • Ease of Doing Business: The United
    States is consistently ranked among
    the best internationally for its overall
    competitiveness and ease of doing

Every day, goods and services worth millions of pounds are exported across the Atlantic. Thousands of British firms have already invested in, or are on the way to the ‘land of opportunities’, making the UK the single largest source of foreign direct investment in the United States.
Behind this successful trade and investment relationship stand individual stories from big and small companies as well as ambitious entrepreneurs, who all decided to find their way in the US. Yet, whether you are large or small, established or a newcomer, whether you want to trade or invest in the US; it is important to know what to expect and how to navigate the world’s largest market.

The United States is the UK’s most valuable single-country export market, and  most significant trading partner.
In 2017, the UK sold £47bn worth of goods to the US, accounting for some 13.5% of total exports. Only Germany comes close in its importance, taking 10% of exports last year.
The US is a hugely appealing market for British firms for many reasons but, in truth, we can condense these to two: its sheer size and its wealth. It has an affluent population
of more than 320 million people, and it remains the world’s largest economy (GDP in 2017 of $19.4 trillion). It also remains firmly in the top five globally of countries ranked by GDP per capita, or individual wealth.