Since 2001, TACCR has been offering customized services to International companies to expand Business to Russia and CIS. Whether you are developing an international business strategy, trying to promote your company in a new market, or looking to expand your business through new partnerships, we can assist. Initially started in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, TACCR has successfully assisted European companies – equipment producers, technology licensors and service providers in expanding their business to Russia & CIS. This has been done through careful screening and qualifying of potential business partners, agents and distributors. Subsequently scheduling the meetings with potential customers we ensure that meetings are being productive and result in closing a deal. Further expanding to Houston, Energy Capital of the world, TACCR took a leading role in facilitating oil & gas business between Russia & CIS and U.S., and generated long term sales projects on behalf of U.S. and Russian oil & gas service Companies, EPC contractors, and technology developers. TACCR was at the heart of creation and  a founding member of the Board of USRCC – U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce.  We have organized not only Missions of U.S. Companies to Russia to meet their prospective clients, but also provided dedicated support to oil & gas Companies and delegations from Russia, CIS & Internationally during OTC, the world’s largest oil & gas Conference, taking place in Houston Further expanding to UK, with a dedicated and individual approach, we help U.S. and EU Companies to start business in Russia and CIS. Simultaneously, we assist Russian and CIS companies with finding technology parters and buyers in U.S.and EU.

TACCR assists EU and U.S. companies intending to enter the Russian market or expand in Russia by providing access to specialized market research focused on delivering attractive new business growth opportunities, and assistance identifying and selecting of reliable business partners. Russian companies benefit from TACCR’s in-depth knowledge of the business community in the EU and U.S., and TACCR provides access to high-level business and government decision-makers. Some of the TACCR’s key initiatives include:

• Seminars for U.S. and Russian companies;
• Trade missions for U.S.- based companies to Russia and Russian companies to the U.S.;
• Participation in key international and regional exhibitions;
• Outreach to a number of Russian regions, including Bashkortostan, Moscow, Tyumen, Sakhalin, Tomsk, Tula, and others.

USRCC strives to strengthen cultural and educational ties between our communities. We have set an aggressive target for membership growth, as we want to quickly bring USRCC up to the standard one would expect from an organization with such a strong presence.

• Market Studies
• Trade Lists
• Assistance with Accreditation of Representatives
• Direct Marketing
• Translations
• Business Reports
• Help with Personnel Recruitment
• Advertisement on Website
• Business Assistance
• Trade Missions to and from Russia

• Develop business partners and contacts in Russia, EU and the United States;
• EU and U.S. companies receive immediate assistance exploring investment and business expansion in Russia in the U.S.A.;
• Russian companies receive immediate assistance exploring investment and business expansion in Texas and other U.S. locations;
• Gain access to the TACCR database of companies doing business in Russia and the U.S.;
• Gain access to list of all TACCR members;
• Participate in seminars, events, and networking meetings;
• Participate in trade missions to Russia and the U.S. to search for potential business partners;
• Opportunities to join TACCR Committees;
• Opportunities to promote your company during networking meetings, seminars, and by placing information about your company on the USRCC website;
• Receive preferential rate on market research and studies;
• Gain access to TACCR newsletters.